After lots of digging through dirty boxes of wire and some serious haggling, I’m happy to say I can now finish the 160 meter antenna and move onto something else. Today’s finds put me about 10 meters over the amount of wire needed and the 90 odd meters bought today cost about the same as 2 cups of takeaway coffee (result!).

spare electrical wire

3 pieces of the wire are extensions leads for electric lawnmowers (I guess that outlive the products they’re shipped with) and the last is a heavy duty 110 volt industrial cable.

Storage Sorted

As I was hoping, some of the wire came on an excellent lightweight plastic reel which should easily manage the completed antenna. I was a little worried about carrying the antenna but if it’ll all fit on this reel there’s going to be no problem fitting it in a backpack.

Its surprised me how time consuming it’s been getting this project together and all that’s needed now is some cracking weather so we can get ourselves up a mountain and give it a try 🙂

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