With a few days worth of emails to work through and my wordpress sites screaming at me to be updated to the latest version (always a scary time as big updates can sometimes break things), I cranked up the radio last night, hoping for a good night listening to the pirate radio stations broadcasting on 49 meters.

pirate radio freqs

Maybe its a bad time with everybody busy getting organized for the upcoming holiday or the propagation on this band has hit a low point for the year, but after 2 hours chasing weak signals I gave up.

Even on the worst nights there’s usually one or two stations that stick around for a while. The ever present ‘Reflections Europe’ was also missing, which tells me that I choose the wrong day to listen 🙂

Was granted a 20 min slot from ‘Radio Underground International’ though, who sprung up nice and strong on 6305 (4.40pm) before quickly disappearing.

Over to 40 Meters Ham Band

Needing something to keep me occupied while slaving away at the keyboard 🙂 , I switched over to the 7 MHz amateur band. This frequency has been good to me recently (even more after tweaking my newly installed long wire) and tonight was no different.

Cutting through the many European stations, I found A41NN (Muscat, Oman) throwing out an impressive signal. Even though he was beaming to South Africa, he worked a fair amount of stations in Europe before having a good run of contacts into the intended target, South Africa.

A41NN stay strong and almost fade free for almost an hour and was please to notice that I could hear a high percentage of the African hams he was working. At just after 9pm the band did a flip and Oman was suddenly replaced with a station from Morocco who was completely oblivious to the high powered Spanish stations still trying to work A41nn :).

This semi random activity on the HF bands is what has kept me fascinated for many years and why I’ll never get tired of the way its propagation throws everything around (even though it can be really annoying on occasion).

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