Retired RF engineer Fred Studenberg has come up with a new style shortwave radio that makes it easy to have a SW set up front with you. By utilizing your existing car radio instead of the need to find space for another radio in your dash, its an interesting project.

BST-1 in car shortwave radio

BST-1 in Car Shortwave Radio, Photo Credit

The whole system works by fitting the SW radio in the trunk of a vehicle and then streaming the audio output on a frequency that can be picked up by any FM radio car stereo (i.e 88.1 MHz). RDS information is piggy backed on the same transmission, giving the frequency of the receiver plus the signal strength (most have a RDS function on your car radio for this to work).

Operation of the receiver is done through a simple key fob, very much like the type already used for most car locking/alarm systems.

BST-1 SW radio base unit

BST-1 SW Radio Base Unit, Photo Credit

Bringing the BST-1 to Market

As with all these new products, bringing them from the prototype phase to full production of a viable commercial product takes organization, time and above all money. The BST-1 SW radio has the chance to win $10,000 of assistance to make this idea a reality.

If you like what Fred is aiming to achieve here, why not Pop Over the Website and Cast your Vote. Its free to vote but you’ll have to log in with a Facebook account to do it.

BST-1 SW Receiver Quick Specifications

The receiver will cover the full HF range of 150 KHz to 30 MHz but some of this is at reduced sensitivity. A range of 2.3 to 26.1 MHz will ensure your getting the most of the the BST-1.

The radio works in AM and has a step rate of 5KHz.

You can find all the technical details along with a mountain of other information over at

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