One of the joys of writing for a shortwave website is the amount of research that needs to be done just to keep on top of what’s going on in the world of radio. Scouring the web for SW information brings me across new and established websites/blogs, all of which have there own merits.

Sticking with the more established wesbites for this post (might do a roundup of the brand new stuff at a later date) is a shortlist of 3 long term blogs that should be on any shortwave enthusiasts reading list.

classic sw radio

SWLing Post

Short, punchy and very frequent updates have made the SWLIng blog the sort of hobby radio website that’s easy to lose track of time on.

With more than a few years of content banked away on the blog and plenty of links off to other shortwave resources this is without a doubt my favorite radio related blog, after this one of course 🙂

SWLing Blog

Shortwave Central Blog

The SW Central Blog has 1000,s of articles stretching back over 8 years.

This much content makes a trip through its archives a great way to see how things in the SW world have changed over that time.

Shortwave Central Blog

KF5OBS /IP RF Electronics Engineering Blog

More for the constructor or tech head than the SWL this blog does do highly technical articles very well.

Its not all in depth though and you’ll find many pieces of content aimed at the more novice radio constructor or RF technician.

KF5OBS /IP RF Electronics Engineering Blog

New Website Turnover Rate

Its a fact that so many websites are created that look promising then get abandoned very quickly and I often stumble across unique hobby radio sites that are no longer being worked on.

Whatever the reasons for walking away its does sometimes make me wonder what the sites could have become with a few years work put into them.

If this post seems a little lacking in “meat” then your probably right, but hey its Christmas and I just wanted get the last post of 2014 done before all the extra food Ive been eating sends me to sleep.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year all


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