After spending a few great (but very cold) weekends camping on the Welsh mountains with a few radios, I’m happy to have a quiet night sat listening to some shortwave pirate stations, while I catch up on a pile up of long overdo emails.

Either conditions were poor tonight or the new longwire antenna I’ve just put up isn’t doing the job it was designed for. I’ve noticed its not consistent at all on huge sections of the SW bands and must take some time this week to ‘remind’ it what its mission in life is 🙂

pirate radio freqs

European Shortwave Pirate Radio Log

FrequencyTime (Gmt)StationComments
629019.20Radio SkywaveWeak Signal
630519.25Radio Space ShuttleDeep SW Fade
685019.30Radio BandidoInterference From Nearby Data Signal (Almost Unreadable)
607019.32European Music Radio (EMR)Great Signal, Playing Kate Bush
642019.40Radio JoeyStrong and Consistent Signal with a Great Music List Tonight
631820.05Radio Caroline InternationalPlaying 'Brothers in Arms'
626020.25Radio PowerlinerVery Weak Signal

Tonight’s favorite (by a mile) had to be Radio Joey, which played some excellent (for my taste) music and seems to one of those pirates who really interact with their listeners.

What a nice change it is to just relax, do nothing for a night and listen to some good music, which sounded very sweet through my new Philips headphones.

It won’t last though as the merry go round that is a full working week starts again tomorrow 🙂

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