Breaking away from the standard look of so many portable shortwave receivers on the market today the Tecsun PL-360 gives coverage of the standard AM/FM bands as well a good portion of the Shortwave band.

Finding stations is made simple with the Tecsun ETM (easy tuning mode) which will scan all or a portion of a band and log every station it receives. The feature has been the standard on Tecsun’s radios for a while now and runs the same way a scanner band scan does.

The ETM list is then accessible via the tuning dial saving you a lot of time searching empty areas of the radio spectrum just to find something to listen to.

Tecsun PL-360 Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL-360 Shortwave Radio
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Pl-360 Quick Specs

Dimensions : 6.3 x 1 x 2.1 inches
Weight : 4.5 ounces
FM : 87-108MHz
AM : 520-1710
SW : 2300-21950 KHz
450 Memory Slots

Antenna Use

The FM band is served by a good sized telescopic antenna with a low profile cap that sits flush on the top panel so not to interfere with the slot in AM antenna. A standard jack plug socket on the radio will accept the wire antenna included with this shortwave radio or you can upgrade to one of the many low price spooled wire antennas available to buy.
The external ferrite antenna is a real bonus with the Tecsun, super sensitive and directional the antenna can be rotated to give peak signal reception.

Control Panel

Buttons have been kept to a minimum with a lot of dual use functions to free as much space as possible for a surprising large display and as much of a loudspeaker that can be fitted into what is a small unit compared to some portable shortwave receivers.

Even this radio could be classed as pocket sized the design still leaves room for proper rotary tuning and volume controls to be added to the side of the radio. This allows for quick adjustments without having to deal with small buttons on the front panel.

Pl-360 Power Options

Powered by 3 AA batteries the PL-360 has the handy feature of being able to charge a set of rechargeable batteries while they are still in the radio via a standard 5 Volt USB adapter turning any computer or media device into a top up point.

Whats in the Box

1 pair of in ear stereo headphones
External wire antenna for AM reception
Soft antenna
Top flap carrying pouch
English user manual


The size and shape of the PL-360 makes it easy to hold in one hand very much like a scanner or any two way radio set and the organization with finding and storing frequencies is helpful. We believe that a shortwave receiver is incomplete without a SSB option and this radio would be fantastic with even a basic BFO fitted (with the obvious price adjustment of course).

The Tecsun PL-360 is available from Amazon. Click here for more information, reviews and pricing.

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