The portable shortwave radio market has to be one of the busiest with new models being release all the time. While many makers only send us new radios once in a blue moon producers like Tecsun are among the most prolific with a ever expanding range of shortwave radios on sale at any given time.

Competition is always a good thing for consumers due to the choice and lower prices a saturated market for a given product brings. This competition isn’t just confined between different makers and with so many Tecsun portables up for grabs the price of slightly older models can drop quickly as newer ones are made available.

Always on the look out for a bargain we are going to take a look at one such radio that we’ve noticed being sold at a big discount recently.

Tecsun PL-600 Portable Shortwave Radio

PL-600 Quick Specs

  • Frequency Coverage LW 100 – 519 kHz (LW), 522 – 1620 kHz (MW), 1711 – 29999 kHz (SW)
  • Receive Modes SSB, AM and FM
  • Tuning Steps 9/10 KHz (MW) and 1 KHz (SW)
  • 600 Memories (500 Programmable)
  • Built In Charger
Tecsun PL-600 Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL-600 Portable Shortwave Radio
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The PL-600 has the button and front panel layout that is fast becoming the unofficial standard with small shortwave receivers, the added bonus with this is a new radio doesn’t take much getting used to. Display is a large affair very much the same as the Eton E5 models and fitted with a good strong back light.

A good shortwave coverage which extends all the way to 30 MHz makes this a proper SW radio in our eyes, we never understand why some makers decide that 27 MHz is far enough and miss out what can be a very active part of the HF band.


A number of options on the PL-600 can be changed via a supplied set of codes, basically altering the factory setup of the radio. Full instructions along with a list of codes to change setting like extending the FM band and the type of batteries used are included in the manual.

More Of What Your Used To From Tecsun

Direct tuning, Manual tuning, Scan tuning and the option to recall presets in a single key press make the tuner easy to use and the 500 memories are enough for most shortwave listeners needs.

Tecsun seem to like a sense of symmetry with at least their portable SW radios having a common approach to controls. This means it never takes long to master a new set and you’ll be flying around the SW bands before you know it.

Included Accessories

With the tendency to sell complete usable shortwave kits these days instead of just a radio you do get some extras with the PL-600 that take away the need to buy further bits and pieces.

Mains Charger
Carry Case
External Antenna
English Manual

It will be interesting to see how much the other “older” radios in Tecsun’s range will reduce in price once the newer range hits the market.

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