Not one for being able to handle things that don’t work properly the mission today was to get the SSTV gallery back up and running. Its been about 4 weeks since the last gallery plugin decided it was time to crash this site and it’s starting to get on my nerves.


Not All Change Is Good

First off got to say I really liked the original gallery plugin I was using but it’s just become too much of a pain, there’s enough to do with a bunch of websites without trying to keep the little additions working.

With more than a few WordPress gallery plugins available the first hour or so was zipping through the details of what looked like the best ones. Because plugins are mostly third party and usually maintained by private individuals its always good to get one that at least looks like its being updated regularly.

Its no fun getting something set up properly only to find it stops working next time WordPress is updated (been there).

Armed with 3 tidy looking replacements for the old gallery that wouldn’t involve changing the picture sizes of the pictures already done I drove in head first.

Here’s how it went…..

Plugin No 1

First Impressions

The screenshots of this one looked great and it has a bundled slider function thrown in for good measure


Far too many options, why do I need to set picture size and how many pictures on a row?. If 4 pictures per row is set why can’t it work out an approximate size? and it doesn’t seem to be responsive meaning it looks crap on mobile phones.

Plugin No 2

First Impressions

Stated as a lightweight, simple plugin even though the huge file size sort of makes a mockery of this claim.


Didn’t think it was actually going to install as it seem to freeze half way through. Experience has taught me its safer to wait than start hitting buttons when this happens, just in case things go very, very wrong.

Very easy to set up but so clunky and took an age to load up the gallery page, so much for lightweight eh!

Plugin No 3

First Impressions

Straightforward install, nice clean interface and not overloaded with a crazy amount of useless functions.


Couldn’t get the thing to accept any pictures which is annoying considering that its primary function. Had a quick look at the plugin forum and its seems there is a little bit of coding involved to get it working properly?

I’m not afraid to mess with a bit of code but when you consider WordPress is a standard why the hell should I need to. This is also a slight worry for compatibility with future versions of WordPress.

Approx Time Wasted : 4 Hours

Approx Progress Made : ZERO

Not the most productive day by a long shot and its got me thinking maybe a bit more time should be spent looking at why the original plugin hates this website 🙂

On the plus side I did have a good scan around the long wave bands and found a few radio stations Ive not heard for a while.

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