The preparedness survival movement is changing the way people see their reliance on the infrastructure that comes with everyday life. The root ideal for preppers is to have the ability to survival should all the services we take for granted fail because of a man made or natural disaster.

Along with the need for shelter, medicine and food/water a big part of getting ready for the worse is having a reliable form of communication.

This is where shortwave radio is of massive interest to any prepper.

Disaster Radio Communications

tsunami sendai japan 2011 sm

Tsunami Sendai, Japan 2011

The compact and low energy consuming portable SW receivers we’re used to today speak for themselves when it comes to finding out whats going on in the outside world but what about two way communication?.

Even here SW radio kit comes up trumps with highly portable, easy to run from a vehicle, transceivers that aren’t impossible to obtain. With a little knowledge effective antennas can be fashioned out of most of the wire you’ll find in common use and teaching someone to use the basic functions on a shortwave transmitter isn’t a long process.

And once you take strip away all the data modes now in use of the HF bands your left with static SSB technology that’ll be with us for a long time. This wide spread use of SSB (both by ham operators and others services) means even a vintage set bought cheaply today has a very long shelf life, perfect for the prepper planning for an uncertain future.

To be honest given a world altering event I’d plump for a simple vintage set every time over something constructed with more modern surface mount technology as repairs would be much easier to carry out.

Tested System (then some)

And this isn’t just an idea of how things will go as the shortwave transmissions have proved time and time again to be a reliable method of communication once all other infrastructure has failed. Couple this with the fact that ham operators have established frequency allocations making getting a message out less of a shot in the dark (taking propagation into account).

If your interested in what preppers are all about there are more than a few established websites and a good starting point is the American Preppers Network

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