After a nightmare 3 days with very little broadband connection at home its good to get back into this website and do some work. As usual with big companies no explanation of why they decided to complicate my life has been offered, but as there were a large amount of customers effected their probably busy fielding all the angry phone calls 🙂

Mobile phones are great if your checking emails, Facebook or the odd YouTube video but aren’t set up for doing anything complex. If you’ve ever tried working on a website from a mobile phone you’ll know what I’m talking about. Even the simple act of trying to update the text on a web page is a slow and painful process.

HF beam antenna

Luckily one of the team was willing to do the daily checks to ensure everything on this site was running smoothly. My only regret is had I known what was coming the weekend hiking and camping trip I was enjoying could have been extended at least a few more days.

The Radio Fallback

It would be great to say we don’t need fast data feeds coming into our homes but if you have any interest in technology, either in a hobby or profession then the Internet is never far behind. But when they fail its good to have some other means of communicating with others and finding out whats happening around the world without being restricted to the (sometimes) heavily filtered version of events main stream media serves up.

This is the reason that simple radios and transmitters are such a big part of any prepper’s toolkit because when the main infrastructure fails they’re a solid fall back for finding out whats going on and access outward communication.

Radio amateurs are a particular gold mine of information during widespread emergencies, relaying details and arranging scalable communication setups with the most recent example being the devastating hurricane Katrina indecent.

Time Spent Wisely

So did I sit in my office twiddling my thumbs while constantly looking at the status light on the router? no way. Even though it left me feeling a little guilty at not doing any work I marked it down as a extra long weekend and spent the time playing with radios.

Having time to float around the lower HF frequencies instead of parking myself on 14Mhz for the day, the Fldigi decoding software had a proper workout along with making some long overdue adjustments to my main long wire antenna. It was also nice to give some of my older radios a run out and good to see that they all still do a great job on the SW bands.

Not only has the last few days made me even more thankful to be part of this great hobby but set in motion a timescale to give my existing internet provider the finger and find a service with a little more up time.

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