After much head scratching and shouting at the computer I’m happy to say that the SSTV gallery is back up and working fine. Its been a good few months since the WordPress plugin we used took down this site every time we turned it on.

After putting some much time into the gallery we were slightly hacked off that it had stopped working for no apparent reason.

We threw a bunch of solutions at the non working gallery and it ignored every single one but we now know the error was far outside our control (and then some).

sstv picture monkey

Root Of The Problem

As it turns out everything was working as it should on our end and our (now old) web hosting seems to have been the problem. In an attempt to reduce server load they blocked a huge amount of outgoing connections which unfortunately for us stopped a lot of what WordPress is supposed to do and played havoc with many plugins.

This was one of the many reasons we took the time recently to moved all our sites onto much faster hosting without all the restrictions. Got to say its a massive improvement and we only wish we’d done it months ago, site loading times are much quicker and all the little niggles we had have now “magically” sorted themselves out.

Maybe the lesson learn’t here is to never discount a solution no matter how crazy it may seem. Its a great result however it came along as having the original gallery back is perfect for us and much easier than working out a whole new piece of software.

Back On Track

Ive added some more pictures but as it been offline for so long there’s plenty more to resize and put into the gallery. By setting aside a few hours every week I really hope to catch up before the new year.

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