Not sure what the weathers like in your part of the world at the moment but the UK is having a burst of very warm days and nights. High overnight temperatures are heaven to wild campers and with our weather about as reliable as a chocolate teapot, you’ll find us taking any chance for a night under the stars.

This is seriously ripping into the time I usually spend playing with radio at the moment and the routine I’ve worked out over the last few months has gone to hell 🙂

risca mountain

Radio Incompatible

You’d think that radio and being outdoors are always a good mix, but that isn’t always so. Time and conditions make some of the hiking/camping trips radio unfriendly for many reasons.

Long hikes require as little load as possible on your back and with radios and batteries adding a fair amount of weight, sometimes they just have to be left behind. There’s also the nights when conditions are less than ideal with the risk of water damage to any electronics.

Above all there are those trips that are known to be ‘messy’ from the outset, either because of the dangerous terrain or our foolish behavior (every birthday camping trip!).

Camping Purpose Built For Radio

The only antidote to this abandonment of my lonely radios in the summer is to plan high ground camping trips around the radios. Not surprisingly these are nearly always done solo as the locations and effort needed to get to the best places are of no interest to my wife at all.

The next one planned is all about getting the portable 160 meter long wire antenna up and running, which means she can’t get out of that one because its going to need both of us just to set it up properly 🙂

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