While searching online for a guide to using the JT data-modes, I found a cracking website called PSKreporter. The concept is that your data signals are tracked across many receivers throughout the world and feed back to a map so you can see just how far your efforts are going.

Its almost in real time as you can manually update the map or just wait for the 5 min auto update. After a good few hours playing with the system, it seems that waiting for the thing to update gives a much better reading as there has to be a some delay between the receiving station feeding the data over to the web page.

Also sending more than one transmission during a 5 min period gives more chance of your transceiver/antenna foot print making an impression on multiple receivers. The trigger is that ‘cq cq de call sign’ string that we all use when looking for some DX and if your using PSK (or other data-modes) like normal then there’s plenty sent out during that 5 min slot.

Tracking other Hams

With the maximum tracking time being over the last 24 hrs (and by call sign), it a great tool for tracking what frequencies and modes other radio hams are using. This could be a way of finding those hams that work across many bands if they happen to live in a country/locator square your hunting for.

Turning down the Detail

The map itself is Google’s and as such comes with a lot of ‘stuff’ that you just don’t need. By going into the display options you can turn off options like ‘city lights’ to give you computer a much easier time when the page refreshes.

If your interested in giving PSKreporter a go, you can find the map itself over at pskreporter.info

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