During an attempt to help someone out with a small problem using MultiPSK, I noticed that the version on my computer was more than a little out of date. In a world where everything is updated automatically (sometimes even without us realizing), its easy to forget checking those pieces of software that need a more manual approach.

Latest version MultiPSK is 4.29.1 whereas mine was still back on the 4.25.1.

new version multipsk

Version 4.29.1 MultiPSK

Softer Look

MultiPSK has always had a tidy “low impact” color scheme, ideal if your looking at it for a long time and the new starting colors have carried on the trend. The button font has also been dropped back a notch, also making that easier on the eye.

The 4.29.1 version starts up with an overall gentler look and what could be a little redesign on the buttons.

Along with a face lift there’s a few more professional data modes to play with and I’m in the middle of sorting out what’s been added (with the help of the documentation).

Firewall Warnings

Still had the same worries from my firewall during the new version install but most of this comes from MultiPSK wanting to access the Internet and is to be expected from any decent piece of firewall software (in fact it would be wrong if it didn’t throw up a warning or two).

Time to Get Busy!

Luckily I’ve got a boat load of free time over the next few days to play with the new version and maybe get it installed on my standalone SSTV setup 🙂

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