After working one of my old computers up for the standalone SSTV decoder it gave my the incentive to have a look at the rest of the stack. Some had been completely gutted over time to keep the others going and are non starters but thankfully I had left the system hard drive in 3 of them.

Of the 3 that would boot up anywhere near properly only 2 could be used, the other had a badly corrupted windows operating system and will most likely need a total wipe/fresh install.

One was a blank slate with an old version of Linux on it (will be having a play with that some time this week) and the other turned out to be full of old radio programs and data, result!.

This appeared to have been my main workhorse 8 years ago and judging by the stuff left on there I must have shoved it rudely to one side in favor of a better computer.

Yesterdays Cutting Edge Technology

Inside 200 Mhz Pentium Computer

Behold, 200MHz of Rare Processing Power

It always amazes me how fast change happens when it comes to computers and it wasn’t so many years ago I was well happy with a 133MHz computer and a 56k dial modem. This particular reanimated computer is made up of a massive 4gb hard drive, 64 Meg of ram and a 200 MHz Pentium processor 🙂

Shouldn’t really mock as it’s running flawlessly after being mothballed for so long, boots up a hundred times faster my most up to date computer and kept all the sound settings so it started decoding data modes straight away.

The Best Find – SSTV Pics From 2007

There’s a good stock of SSTV pictures left on the computer that would look great in the gallery but it’s going to take a bit of work to get them there.

The files are in bitmap format which in itself isn’t a problem to convert to something more usable, its the fact that the computer refuses to except any USB stick and I’m a little scared at the prospect of connecting it directly to my main computer until its had a brutal virus check.

Looks like its time to find a blank CD ROM and do things old school.

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