Due to a fairly limited production quantity there aren’t many of these radios about even of the used variety and to see one all trussed up in its original packaging and in an unused state isn’t something that happens very often.

The seller has done a good job with quality photos that show how mint the radio is even if the advert itself is lacking details of the E1XM features and specs.


New in Box Eton E1XM Portable Shortwave Radio

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With a large number of bids already made and the auction end more than 5 days away, this is going to get very interesting as the finish line approaches and something I’ll be following closely 🙂

Eton E1XM Specs

Coverage 0.1-30 / 76-90 / 87-108 MHz +Satellite Frequencies
Modes AM, AM-sync, SSB, CW, WFM Stereo
Power Source 6 VDC (Batteries or Adapter)
1700 memories
5.7″ LCD

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