Perhaps you’ve been blessed with a surprise tax rebate or a similar unexpected windfall and now the moneys burning a hole in you pocket. Spending it before the rest of the family do seems the best solution and it only makes sense it should go toward something you enjoy, like maybe a new shortwave radio 🙂

country money

Yes you guessed it, Ive been of daydreaming again when I should be working but its an interesting question don’t you think?

Planning For A New Radio

You see most of us plan well ahead when it comes to buying an expensive piece of radio kit.

Part of the planning process is working how we can scrimp the money together (in a reasonable time period) for the radio we so want to make friends with. Reviews are read, prices are compared and if we are very lucky a quick play with the radio, either at a dealers or in a fellow SWL’s shack.

Would the same patience route still apply if the money just dropped in your lap?, keeping in mind its got to be spent before your partner allocates it for something useless like decorating the house or helping with the kids school fees.

Luckily for SWL’s the price of a quality set is only a fraction of what a licensed ham would pay for a new transceiver. This leaves few receivers at the top end of the price range which really helps to narrow down the process of choosing.

What’s Possible

New shortwave receivers that fit comfortably into the grand price range are recent models like the Icom IC-R75 (newish) or Alinco DX-R8T. Be opting for one of these you can splash out on some of the enhancement options (filters etc) and tailor the radio around your type of listening.

If you take time and care the used radio market occasionally turns up some great finds, either from one of the online auction sites or through a radio equipment dealer. Doing a quick check shows it’s more than feasible to end up with a half decent Icom IC-R8500 but this is going to eat into all the available money so don’t forget to haggle 🙂

The IC-R8500 is more wide band than the other two receivers listed above and could happily bring the scanner and HF side of your radio hobby into a one big package.

Frenzied Shopper

I’m the worst for shiny objects which is why when visiting radio shops or radio rallies (they’re the worst) I only take a certain amount of cash and leave all credit cards at home. Its not that I don’t have any control but would always go over the budget making me feel slightly bad about it later.

Its because of this that I’d probably need someone with a much cooler head holding my hand through disposable of the money. It would have to be another radio enthusiast as my family have no idea what my radios actually do and I’d be overly paranoid their out to cream off a slice of the jackpot for themselves 🙂

I can only imagine the mess I would get myself into wandering around one of the bigger radio rallies with a huge amount of money to spend.

Over To You

What radio kit would you spend a “guilt free” grand on? (comment box is down there somewhere)

Money Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License)

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