Its not often there’s a ham radio rally that doesn’t mean a few hours train travel, but last Sunday was the usual bash at Wythall radio club and for a change I had a firm idea of what I was looking for. Instead of bumbling around the second hand stalls on the off chance something will catch my eye, there was a list prepared and the money to back it up 🙂

Icom IC-725

Feel that I got myself a nice HF rig here and if anything this made the trip worthwhile all by itself. In great condition for its age and with original mic, AM/FM board, 500hz CW filter, original user manual and a very handy full service manual thrown in for good measure.

Broke my golden used radio rule on this one and didn’t take the time to give the rig a good going over. Its all good though as it had an extended try out once I’d got it home and haven’t found fault with it yet.

Secondhand Icom IC-725

Secondhand Icom IC-725

Baofeng UV-5RT

Admittedly I was looking for a new fully fledged and dedicated ham dual bander for my summer camping trips and if people would just be a little more open to the lost art of haggling, that might have happened!.

The truth is I’ve always liked the look of the Baofeng gear, but never had the chance to play with one properly. At 25 GBP it was worth a shot and so far I’m happy with it, although its better once you’ve turned off the annoying beeps and the voice prompt.

Now if I can get my head around how to store frequencies, I’ll be on to a winner 🙂

Dinky Little Baofeng UV-5RT

The Missing Things

Maybe my mind went a little south after picking up the IC-725 (just wanted to get home and give it a whirl), but for the life of me I couldn’t find any G5RV antennas?. I’m sure there must have been some hanging about and if I wasn’t in such a rush, I’d have picked one up.

Was also looking for a decent antenna tuner and even though time was spent looking (pre IC-725), nothing in my price range/looked usable showed itself.

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