Even though I’m always having a daily desk tidy, it still gets cluttered very quickly with bits of projects I’m working on and that’s without the space that 3 keyboards and 3 monitors takes up. I’ve learnt to be careful with stuff over the years and tend to place everything not immediately needed under the screens where my big shovel hands can’t accidently mash them into little pieces 🙂

Running the wires for everything properly has helped a lot but even with all the desk conditioning, it was almost all over for my current pair of Turtle Beach Headphones. Getting up quickly to feed my coffee addiction and not noticing the headphones were snagged on the sleeve of my T-shirt sent them clattering onto a hard wood floor then had my computer chair run over them for good measure!

Turtle Beach Headphones

Black Electrical Tape to the Rescue!

A Fix of Sorts

Luckily the break was in a place where two pieces of plactic (cut from an old ABS case) was enough to make them sort of usable. They don’t feel as tight to the head as they used to be, but it means I can put up with them for a while until getting something new.

Believe it or not, these are my second pair of the same model (the first pair suffered a very similar fate LOL) and although they are marketed as gaming headphones, I really like them for SW radio monitioring (and thankfully they are cheap when compared to products like Sennheiser).

If I get another pair of these down the line, I’m thinking maybe a little after market modification to make them a bit more sturdy for if (when) then take another spill.

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